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Prophetess Shirley Carter

With the spirit of a watchwoman,Shirley Carteris an ordained Minister of the, Gospel, Prophetess, Apostle, Psalmist, Evangelist, Bible Teacher/Preacher and Kingdom Intercessor. She is a graduate of School of Ministry. God has called her to a ministry of reconciliation and empowerment for Kingdom living expressed through "Abounding Love Ministries, Inc.".

Saved in 1980, the Lord led Shirley to churches founded on the Word and the Cross. With assistance from anointed leaders in the Body of Christ, she grew in her relationship with the Lord. God delivered her from her own addictive behaviors, strongholds and a toxic relationship in 1988, the year King Uzziah died. This deliverance and intimate relationship is the basis for the passion He's given her to create a thirst for Him in others, wherever she preaches and throughout life. She has compassion, passion, and anointing to minister to broken vessels. God has set her apart with a unique call of dwelling in His Presence.
He gave her a passion and Agape love for the lost with the teaching/preaching gift to present the Gospel Message with simplicity and power in the hi-ways and bi-ways, as well as, to the multitudes.
Empowered by God's love, the Word and the Presence of the Holy Spirit, she has ministered to Jehovah's Witnesses, Budhists, Hindus, Muslims, Members of the Bahai' Faith, Mormons, Masons, Jews and more. With the call of an Evangelist and Kingdom mindset, she's ministered to many as she traveled throughout the US and internationally.
After going through many battles, God has increased her anointing to break strongholds and yokes over nations through proclaiming His Word from the position of the Throne Room, high above all principalities, through intercession and worship. Laying hands on captives to set them free and releasing His Presence is a manifestation of her call. Walking one with the Father, a life of integrity with pure motives, being led of the Spirit and Spirit-filled, transformed into His Divine nature, is crucial in standing in the place of a Kingdom Intercessor. He has given her many songs to draw people into the very Throne Room of God. Her newly released book that God placed upon her heart is entitled "My Walk of Destiny - Falling In Love With Jesus - vol 2" and can be purchased at:(
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She has a heart for Throne Room Worship, Prayer, God's Word, and preaching the Gospel, and from this, the gifts and power follow. Her mandate from God is to usher in His Presence where deliverance occurs, teach an eternal perspective on the Christian life and raise up spiritual warriors for the endtimes. In the past few years, He has increased her burden for the unsaved with an urgency to reach thousands for His Glory. He has given her prophetic words, dreams and visions about the end-times, the need for His people to be prepared for the hard times ahead and passionate to reach the lost!
God has called Prophetess Shirley to live in the Spirit and see more in the Spirit than the natural. He has revealed Himself in a unique way that the remnant is ready to hear. Her assignment is to bring heaven down to earth, the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth and bring people up where heaven meets earth, into His Presence where they can hear Him for themselves. She is called as a Prophet who walks close to God and speaks as His mouthpiece.
God has promoted her as a peculiar person above all people, all nations...above 2nd Heaven, close to Himself :
Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. Exodus 19:5
For you are a holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. Dueteronomy 14:2
God gave her a Prophetic & Apostolic call that is greater than the organized church.
She has had angelic visitations with Gabriel and Archangel Michael. God has released a host of high ranking angels to assist her in what He has called her to do.
As a Kingdom Intercessor, He has called her to stand in the gap for people and nations...taking on the spiritual hits in their place.
Her primary assignment is the continent of Africa. God has given her the spiritual DNA to tear down the ancient principalities that are ruling in the 2nd heaven over this region of the world. The spirit of terrorism is assaulted. The Jezebel spirit has to respond to the Cross and Love of Jesus. He has positioned her to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to snatch people out of darkness into His Kingdom of Light! Where His Gospel is proclaimed, the Holy Spirit is given an opening through the heavenlies to enter into the atmosphere...economies are released to line up with God's Kingdom...political leaders are removed and leaders lined up with the Heart of the Father are established.

Prophetess Shirley Carter called to Glorify Jesus and call His people to walk as one with The Father