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We need a Biblical view of spiritual warfare. According to our position granted by the victory Jesus won at Calvary, He has seated us far above all principalities and openly made a spectacle of them as He ascended.

The first place of victory is "knowing" in your heart and spirit, you are unconditionally loved by The Father! Without overflowing in His Love, one cannot war effectively!

When the Word of God becomes Rhema, including doctrine and we spiritually internalize the posiition and authority He has given to the Church... When we go through the process of being transformed into His Divine Nature, we become positioned to be carriers of His Glory, live in the Holy of Holies, and from the position of the Third Heaven, dismantle principalities.

The authority that Christ gives us is first and foremost to preach the Gospel of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ. As such, full of the Word Of God, fruit of the Spirit and anointing He gives us, we work with the angelic host to usher in His Kingdom, which dismantles the Kingdom of Darkness! As we release His Glory, we bring heaven down to earth. We must be purified, so the principalities find nothing in us that looks like them. We must look like God!

It is imperative that we understand we are not trying to war against the spiritual opposition. Our battle is won by recognizing the authority and victory that was already won by Christ! Now, as His Ambassadors, living out our Christ Identity, it is no longer us, but Christ who lives in us and having become hidden in Christ, we take hold of the victory/Kingdom He has given us!


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